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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I'm on a mission to help struggling photographers and creatives to get unstuck in their business, stop trading time for money and live a freedom lifestyle doing what they love.

As a kid growing up we didn't have much in the way of material possessions. Life was pretty simple. We didn't go on expensive holidays or eat out at fancy restaurants. However, what my parents gave me instead was their time, a whole lotta love and a free pass in life to do whatever made me happy.

Core belief 1: Do what you love and you can't go wrong

This meant that my extremely active childhood was filled to the brim with games, sun, playing outside, swimming in beautiful oceans, creating, exploring and continually trying new things. I grew up in a rather unconventional way living in the tropics on acreage and the space around me fed my active imagination daily. Along with the 'I can do anything' outlook, I felt I had complete freedom to express myself at every opportunity - and so I did!

From dancing, to singing, to acting, to debating to painting to drawing to photography to pottery to wood carving to song writing - if there was something I could create or some vehicle that would allow me to express myself - I was all in.

In fact, just thinking about how much I've managed to cram in this life, makes me feel exhausted! See, even at a young age I was driven by the knowledge that we don't really have that long on this planet. Life is truly precious and the time to seize it is NOW.


Core belief 2:  Life is short, LIVE it!

My 20's were filled with endless amounts of fun and self discovery. I felt that anything was possible and life was just one big adventure. I auditioned for a place in a drama/media school and came out three years later with a communications degree in theatre and media. The travel bug was calling me and at the age of twenty one I set off overseas on my own with a one way ticket to live, travel and work in the US, UK and Europe - it was one hell of a ride!

After two years gallivanting around overseas I decided to return back to Australia and finally get serious about an acting career (sounds surreal when I even think about it now!).

Core belief 3:  Live a life of NO regrets

I got myself a top shelf agent in Sydney but soon got frustrated by feeling like my destiny was in someone else's hands. The passion for acting sadly started to dwindle.

To cut a long story short, my love of the visual arts returned and I completed a masters degree in Communication design. The world of design, branding and photography very quickly became my sole focus and soon I landed a position as studio manager at a new photography studio in Melbourne, Australia. My love of photography grew thick and fast and there was no going back.

Core belief 4:  Never give up on your dreams

Working at that studio gave me so much exposure to the business side of photography and within 12 months of being there I launched my own photography business "Rebecca Taylor photography".

Since starting the business in 2010 there hasn't been a day when I've contemplated doing anything else. For me, being a photographer was the career path that I still to this day, believe I was destined for. I just needed to try everything else first so that I could be 100% sure.

This career path has given me amazing insight into not just visual storytelling and human psychology but into every aspect of what it takes to create and run a business - especially where it relates to marketing and branding.

Core belief 5:  Being great at your craft will only take you so far, you need to invest in being great in business too

By developing my own strong personal brand and providing a fantastic experience for my clients, I've now built a fabulous 6 figure business (whilst raising two bubs back to back) and I can truly say, I absolutely love what I do. Not only do I get to live life of my terms but I also get to do something that I'm passionate about and serve people who value what I do and are excited to work with me.

Don't get me wrong though, I've definitely had my ups and downs. Juggling work and family life is certainly no picnic (for any working mum!). I've been through many times where I've thought I'm not good enough and questioned my own abilities. However through consistent action and learning, and an unwavering passion I've now found the recipe for building a successful creative business. And I'm excited to help you on your creative business journey too!

"I want to help photographers and creative entrepreneurs to put an end to the 'struggling artist' mentality and step into the highest version of themselves and stay excited about their craft."

So where am I today in my business?

Firstly, I'm super proud to say that honestly, since starting this business, I feel like I've never worked day in my life. The photography work that I do is just another extension of who I am and what I love. Not only do I get to serve amazing people who value what I do but I also get up every morning looking forward to helping others bring out their best on camera and transforming the way that they see themselves in real life. Ahhhhhmazing!

What's also great is that I've designed this business to fit around my life so that I can have flexibility of hours and can spend quality time with my family. Pretty cool hey! Well this can be YOU too.

Some people may call this luck, but I call it a willingness to learn, to invest in yourself, to try new things, to take action, to be inspired and to remain true to who you are.

I’m so honored you’re here and I hope this is just the start of our relationship. The best way to stay connected is to click here and get my FREE e-book for attracting ideal clients in to your biz. You'll also go on my e-news list and get VIP access my latest photography biz tips.

Don't forget to go to my Work with me page to see how we can work together and if you're ready to take action now (I hope you are!) email me using the form below. I look forward to connecting soon!

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