You're a high vibe'n visionary rockstar with big dreams and a calling that runs deep into your soul but the idea of busting out your best moves (aka getting visible) in your business, scares the holly bejesus out of you. Am I right?

To help, you try to convince yourself that the work you do will sell itself, your dream clients will find you on their own and you've got more important 'busy' work to do (so living your full, inspired, dream life will just have to wait).

The light inside you is still flickering, but only just. You're a born creator with a gift that can change the world but you've followed the systems and structures for so long that you've forgotten just how magic you are.

You know in your heart that you're meant for bigger things but lets face it, self doubt, analysis paralysis and comparisonitis are stealing the limelight.

You know you want more.

You're tired of second guessing and overthinking EVERYTHING in your business.
You're OVERWHELMED by all the social media channels and business strategies.
You know that being the worlds best kept secret, is getting you NO WHERE. You've been hiding for WAAAAY too long rockstar.

It's your turn to take the LEAD role, LIGHT UP the stage and OWN the spotlight. There's no more dress rehearsals, no more sound checks, no more script rewrites.

Today my revolutionary lady, is SHOW TIME, and you're going to be a amazing!

Who am I to help with this?
Growing up on the stage and performing in shows was where I felt most free and alive. I could play the part of anyone I wanted and there was no judgement. I had full permission to express myself in any way I chose and I was on fire!

Over the years, life's responsibilities and peoples 'professional' expectations cornered me into being a 'tamed' woman and it seemed that in order to fit in, I needed to 'grow up' and become a real adult. When I launched my exciting photography business in 2012 I realised that being the face of the brand (and the name of it) meant I needed to step up a the leader and start playing the role of 'me '.

I loved my work but I was afraid of what others would think if I got too visible and presented too much of the real me. I hid behind my camera and my photography work not realising that my own fear of judgement was killing my business and numbing my creative soul.

I felt stuck and truthfully, I'd forgotten who I was.

Playing small was crushing my spirit and my bank balance too!

Fast forward into 2018 and I now have a thriving 6 figure photography business, serving dream clients, doing what I love. The more visible I am with my message, the easier it is to connect with my clients and build brand recognition. Now I have clients who fly across the country for my photography experiences, because they only want to work with me!

Getting visible in my biz simply is a way to breathe life into my art and live as my fullest expression. My work is just an extension of me and man it's liberating!

This is the gift of unleashed creativity and authentic visibility that is possible for you too.

Together we will overcome your visibility blocks, master being YOU in your business and never fear the 'go live;' button again. You will show up as the fully confident version of you who easily and effortlessly manifests ideal clients, opportunities, cash and more and never feels the need to hide again!

If you're ready to attract your soul mate clients and make money doing what you love then give me a HELL YES!

Here’s just a glimpse of what we’ll be covering in Show time! - Brand You Visibility makeover:

  • Gain complete confidence about sharing your message and the work you're called to do.

  • Get comfortable showing up online and embracing ALL of you in the process.

  • Attract incredible opportunities and magnetise your dream clients just by being YOU.

  • Use inspired action to become a content creating machine (and love every minute of it!).

  • Discover the art of authentic personal branding and launch your on-brand star status.

  • Know which social media platform is right for you and build loyal followers.

  • Learn my top tips and tricks of how to bust out your best self in your branding photoshoot.

  • Get comfortable with using your own creative skills in photography, video and copy writing to market yourself authentically online.

How This Works

  • 8 weeks of personalised coaching via Skype, email and in person

  • 2 Hour Skype intensive to uncover the visibility blocks that are keeping you stuck.

  • We will tap into beliefs that have been holding you back and uncover your soul branded message that will propel your visibility forward.

  • Weekly 60 min Skype calls (8 in total) with time in between to complete tasks and exercises for ongoing momentum and accountability

  • My online personal branding and social media visibility audit of your business.

  • Identify key areas where you can position yourself as an expert and my top ways to stand out from the pack.

  • Welcome Pack to complete before our first session so I'm up to date with your current business and future goals.

  • Breakthrough journal prompts to reclaim your star power and wake up the creative visionary inside.

  • Weekly email/messenger support between coaching calls to hold you accountable.

What you'll take away from this powerful private coaching package

  • A clear mindset to hold yourself accountable to being visible in your business

  • My creative methodology for working from a place of ease and flow

  • Strategies for overcoming visibility fears so you'll never be tempted to hide again

  • Practices for infusing creativity into your life and show up as the fullest expression of you

  • An inspiration based marketing plan for delivering your message and selling your packages

  • Access to my VIP list of industry contacts to brand and market your star status brand including website designers, videographers and graphic designers.

  • Get into a powerful magnetic state of knowing exactly who you are,  showing up as that powerhouse every single day and have people pay you for being you.


  • BONUS - Tech vault and resources for setting up your lighting for  backgrounds for video and photography plus e-mail campaigns and DIY web and marketing collateral designs.

  • BONUS - My branding discovery playbook to create a soul aligned business.

  • BONUS - Camera confidence guide to help you shake off on-camera nerves and love yourself in photographs.

  • BONUS - Discounted VIP add-on for my signature Brand You photoshoot.

If it's a HELL YES then CLICK HERE

It's time to get comfortable being uncomfortable and no longer hide so that you can start immediately having people reach out and ask how they can work with you and throw money at you which you know is what's going to happen when you stop hiding who you actually are.




Total package value is easily over $4000 but as a LIMITED TIME offer I'm giving this package to 5 women for ONLY $2495.

If you are based in my hood (Melbourne), we will have a chance to meet in person for the 2 hours intensive.

STOP HIDING and LAUNCH your dream business NOW!!!


About Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca is a leader in personal branding photography and the founder of the boutique branding photography studio “Rebecca Taylor photography”. She helps inspirational leaders to unleash their true creative expression and shine in the spotlight with confidence, style and impact.

Rebecca's A-list of clients range from TEDx speakers to C-suite execs, TV and media personalities, business success coaches and more. She is a driven creative with a message that living as the fullest expression of YOU is essential to creating a thriving, soul aligned business.